Cat Who Saved Books

A Novel

English language

Published Dec. 28, 2021 by HarperCollins Publishers.

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3 stars (9 reviews)

Grandpa used to say it all the time: books have tremendous power. But what is that power really?

Natsuki Books was a tiny second-hand bookshop on the edge of town. Inside, towering shelves reached the ceiling, every one crammed full of wonderful books. Rintaro Natsuki loved this space that his grandfather had created. He spent many happy hours there, reading whatever he liked. It was the perfect refuge for a boy who tended to be something of a recluse.

After the death of his grandfather, Rintaro is devastated and alone. It seems he will have to close the shop. Then, a talking tabby cat called Tiger appears and asks Rintaro for help. The cat needs a book lover to join him on a mission. This odd couple will go on three magical adventures to save books from people who have imprisoned, mistreated and betrayed them. Finally, there is one last …

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Review of 'The Cat Who Saved Books' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

At times I felt this was verging on book snobbery. If people want to collect books as objects, speed read or publish books that make money (so that more books can be published!), that's all good. Making a kid read A Thousand Years of Solitude when they are struggling with it seems like a way to kill off a love of reading if you ask me. Towards the end it all felt like very mixed messaging. Should books evolve to survive or should we be just clinging on to the books of the past? I guess it would be a good book club discussion!

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