Three moments of an explosion


382 pages

English language

Published Dec. 13, 2015

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A provocative new collection of short stories by the New York Times best-selling and Hugo Award-winning author of Kraken explores a range of styles and forms to explore an alternate universe where nature provocatively renders the human race an endangered species.

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Short story collection, best described as "weird fiction". Some faves of mine with super brief content descriptions to help the serendipity: "Saecken" is the best horror I've ever read. Also like "Three Moments of an Explosion" (drugs and time), "The Condition of New Death" (sudden rupture in how the world is), "The Dowager of Bees" (weird structures in the back of the world), "The Crawl" and "Escapee" (both very short film trailer storyboards), "The Bastard Prompt" (so weird, but I love the description of the relationship of the protagonists), "Four Final Orpheuses" (only a page long and so good), "Dreaded Outcome" (therapy)

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3 stars

I've said it before about Miéville, tremendous imagination but lacking in some of the fundamentals. I hoped short fiction would help with some of the plotting and character development problems I've had with his novels, but it's no better. I'm generously assigning a single star for each of the good stories in the collection because Miéville has the weirdest brain in literature. That's worth something.

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