The Deep Sky

A Novel

English language

Published July 17, 2023 by Flatiron Books.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

Yume Kitasei's The Deep Sky is an enthralling sci fi thriller debut about a mission into deep space that begins with a lethal explosion that leaves the survivors questioning the loyalty of the crew.

They left Earth to save humanity. They’ll have to save themselves first.

It is the eve of Earth’s environmental collapse. A single ship carries humanity’s last hope: eighty elite graduates of a competitive program, who will give birth to a generation of children in deep space. But halfway to a distant but livable planet, a lethal bomb kills three of the crew and knocks The Phoenix off course. Asuka, the only surviving witness, is an immediate suspect.

Asuka already felt like an impostor before the explosion. She was the last picked for the mission, she struggled during training back on Earth, and she was chosen to represent Japan, a country she only partly knows as a …

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A solid, hopeful, elite schoolkids on a generation ship mystery

4 stars

Enjoyed the audiobook. Solid debut novel. Excellent characters and worldbuilding. Love to see SF handling of the complexities of gender, and red herrings that kept me off the scent. Brainy. Looking forward to her future works in years to come!

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