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Austin Channing Brown: I'm Still Here (2018) 5 stars

The author's first encounter with a racialized America came at age seven, when her parents …

Ain’t no friends here

4 stars

I found the initial chapters starting with her descriptions of micro-aggressions initially a little annoying, to be honest; but her story telling laid layer upon layer became rich and strong and explained well why “smaller” discourtesies can fire off painful responses. Deeply relevant for USA, still relevant for NZers. The chapter around white guilt in particular was really excellent, and the closing chapters were practical. An excellent book. #whitefragility @feijoatrees@mastodon.nz

Ruby Hamad: White Tears Brown Scars (2020, Orion Publishing Group, Limited) 4 stars

For readers of White Fragility, White Tears/Brown Scars is an explosive book of history and …