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  1. Man, Play and Games by 

    No rating

    Man, Play and Games (ISBN 0029052009) is the influential 1961 book by the French sociologist Roger Caillois, (French Les jeux …

  2. The Kojima Code by 

    No rating

    How far would you go to break the chains of destiny? In the case of HIDEO KOJIMA, way past the …

  3. Walking Simulators by 

    4 stars

    La industria del videojuego ha observado una nueva explosión minimalista con la llegada de un nuevo género: el walking simulator. …

  4. A Theory of Fun for Game Design by ,

    4 stars

    A Theory of Fun for Game Design is not your typical how-to book. It features a novel way of teaching …

  5. Marx at the Arcade by 

    4 stars

    In Marx at the Arcade, acclaimed researcher Jamie Woodcock delves into the hidden abode of the gaming industry. In an …

  6. Shadow of the Colossus by 

    4 stars

    A massive, open world, brimming with mystery. A gauntlet of giants to overcome, living levels that must be destroyed... but …

  7. Heterotopias 001 by 

    5 stars

    Issue 001 discusses the worlds and architecture of four games, from the darkly poetic laboratories of Playdead’s Inside to the …

  8. Metal Gear Solid by ,

    4 stars

    Before they co-created the hit web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?, before Anthony was lead writer of Borderlands 2, before …

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