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Norman Doidge: The Brain's Way of Healing (2016) No rating

I've read some absolutely incredible reviews about this book. So incredible, in fact, that I literally find them incredible. I will give this a good chance. The only part I'm not sure of is that it offers a lot of stories and anecdotes. I think this is science based, so that's not too uncommon for a book like this

A little more investigation turned up this review, which to me rings pretty true, and helpfully points out some Anti-Vaxx sentiment in Chapter 8:

"As a PhD neuroscience student, this book on neuroplasticity in humans was intriguing for a lot of reasons, and the rave reviews led me to buy it with no feelings of doubt or regret.

The principles discussed regarding neuroplasticity seem scientifically sound enough and are based on early evidence mostly from animal models of neuroplasticity (not discussed in this book) and work presumably discussed in his first …