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Content warning Blindsight spoiler-o-rama

Blindsight (2006, Tor Books) 4 stars

It's been two months since a myriad of alien objects clenched about the Earth, screaming …

Too much like pre 1970s sci-fi

2 stars

This book has some interesting ideas, but I really struggled with following the storyline, but more, this felt like something from pre-1970s sci-fi, with all the white maleness that contained, and some of the 'slang', such as 'spaz' are just appalling. The book was published in 2006 and there is no excuse for including such offensive and abelist language. These things made it not a great read and I stopped half-way through.

@eldang I've decided to give up. Too many niggles as we've discussed, and I'm really struggling with getting what is going on. I've liked 'hard' sci-fi in the past, but with the storyline not always being clear, and brain fog, it's too much of a struggle. I would like to know what happens, so if you get to the end, let me know!

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Content warning Blindsight: minor spoiler for ~halfway through the book