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Human, eco-feminist, based in Svendborg, Denmark. Striving to be a planetary worker. Part time scifi writer/futurist performance artist, part time software dev.

Member of :: (partly) solar powered, physical server collective on Southern Funen.

Member of Center for Militant Futurology


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@cblgh yes I agree. A reread might be worthwhile, Meanwhile I just finished Adulthood Rites, second book in her Xenogenesis series..... And I think it blew my mind as much as Parable! The first one, Dawn is also very good. The whole setting is wild! Did you read it?

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@cblgh The date is a lie, it's been more than 6 years since I read it. BUT: I freaking loved Parable of the Sowers - I wrote a (danish) review here: - in essence, I really liked how it folds out the praxis of super radical hope in the face of utter shit.

I also liked Parable of the Talents, but also missed some things: I would have like more - more of what happened in-between and more of the whole Earthseed thing, which almost becomes an afterthought. But yeah, also cool how it really explores the difficulties of the relationship with the mother.

What about you, what did you thing?