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The rainbow stories (1989, Atheneum) 3 stars

Review of 'The rainbow stories' on 'GoodReads'

3 stars

Some stories were really great, others were a real slog to get through. Some of it has not aged well, but for the most part the prose are unique and interesting. The stories I enjoyed most were "The Indigo Engineers", "The Green Dress", "Xray-Visions" and the stories about Bootwoman Marissa.

45 New Edition (2001, Little Brown U.K.) 3 stars

Review of '45 New Edition' on 'GoodReads'

3 stars

An interesting collection of writings by one of the art/music world's most eccentric minds. At times, equally hilarious and introspective, he goes on long-form rambles about modern life, nationalism, art buying, pop music and disillusionment. Some of the stories go a bit off the rails and had me skimming the pages, but I really enjoy his ability to take some of life's most mundane moments and reframe them in an absurdist context.

The Divine Invasion (A Timescape Book) (1982, Pocket) 4 stars

In The Divine Invasion, Philip K. Dick asks: What if God--or a being called Yah--were …

Review of 'The Divine Invasion (A Timescape Book)' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

Definitely a unique read.... not sure if I liked it more than Valis or not, they are similar in some regards, but also very different. PKD is definitely far out with this plot that combines elements of almost every major religion and philosophy. The last half is very abstract (like most of his books) and comes off the rails a bit towards the end, but all in all its a very dense and fairly entertaining read.