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Read fiction as well as non-fiction. Started reading somewhere in the seventies, still enjoying a good book :)

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reviewed The Invincible

The Invincible (2017, Pro Auctore Wojciech Zemek) 4 stars

Reads initially like the sort of traditional science fiction you might see on TV - …

The Invincible

4 stars

After all these years, still a good book. The story takes some time to build up, but than it becomes a page turner. And of course, at it's time, this book was a true original.

Roadside picnic (2012, Chicago Review Press) 4 stars

A troubled man leads a writer and a scientist into "The Zone", a mysterious area …

My review of Roadside Picnic

5 stars

This is a great Science Fiction book ! An unputdownable page turner. Good story, good character development, very well written. I enjoyed it a lot, read it in two sittings :)

Why Buddhism is True (2018, Simon & Schuster) 4 stars

A journey through psychology, philosophy, and lots of meditation that shows how Buddhism holds the …

Review of "Why Buddhism is True ..." on Goodreads

4 stars

This book starts with a scientific view on how ideas from evolutionary psychology match buddhistic ideas, and end with some personal insights from the author based upon his personal experiences.

It gives you a lot too think about.

Sputnik Sweetheart (2002, Vintage) 4 stars

Sputnik Sweetheart (スプートニクの恋人, Supūtoniku no Koibito) is a novel by Haruki Murakami, published in Japan, …

Review of 'Sputnik Sweetheart' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

Captivating story, with some deeper thoughts in it. I did enjoy it, and whished I could have read the original, assuming it must be even better than the translation.

Work clean (2016) 3 stars

"In Work Clean, Dan Charnas reveals how to apply mise-en-place outside the kitchen, in any …

Review of 'Work clean' on 'GoodReads'

3 stars

Explanation of some principles uses by chefs in the kitchen of restaurants and how you can apply these as a knowledge worker.