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George MacDonald Fraser: The Flashman (The Flashman Papers) (Paperback, 1999, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd) 4 stars

The first instalment of the Flashman Papers sees the fag-roasting rotter from Tom Brown's Schooldays …

Review of 'The Flashman (The Flashman Papers)' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I found it amusing. But, I can see how some would justifiably find it extremely offensive. If you like Tom Sharpe's Riotous Assembly or any of his other stories (Wilf, The Throwback, etc.) then you'll likely enjoy this book.

The authoritative modern text on brewing beer at home. Contains information for beginning, intermediate, and …

Review of 'How To Brew' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I'm about half-way through this book for the first time. It is very much written with the audience in mind. Why would someone pick up a book like this? Because they want to brew beer. And, chapter one gets you through brewing your first batch. After that, it starts to address the questions that were certainly top of mind with me. How do I brew consistently? How does brewing work? How can I make my own brew?

While reading, I've continued to my second and third batches, enjoying both the brewing and learning.

Darwyn Cooke: Absolute DC (Hardcover, 2006, DC Comics) 5 stars

Review of 'Absolute DC' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

The wonderful staff at Excalibur Books (Hawthorne in Portland) convinced me to pick this up. I'm very glad I did. Great story. Great artwork. The willingness of Darwyn Cooke to explore variations on the narratives we all take for granted was very stimulating. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a compelling tale with complex characters and occasional surprising twists.