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Published Oct. 30, 2017

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It's been a year since Binti and Okwu enrolled at Oomza University. A year since Binti was declared a hero for uniting two warring planets. A year since she found friendship in the unlikeliest of places. And now she must return home to her people, with her friend Okwu by her side, to face her family and face her elders. But Okwu will be the first of his race to set foot on Earth in over a hundred years, and the first ever to come in peace. After generations of conflict can human and Meduse ever learn to truly live in harmony?

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Mixed bag

3 stars

I loved the idea of this and I loved the range of characters and places and the mode of wandering as narrative. The mix of histories and ideas of home are powerful (and poly!). But there are strong emotions that never got wrestled with—there’s trauma and anger and feelings of exclusion and belonging, but they all just stay there instead of being thought through.

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2 stars

Well, I thought I'd finish out this novella series. Again, I think that the format is not for me. This story may be interesting in its entirety, but I can't really comment too much on what is effectively just the middle part all that objectively.

There's some coming of age stuff, making choices you deem as right, but disappoint those around you. There's some ancient mysticism that turns out to be tech (which is generally a theme I like), there's tradition and interstellar war. On the surface this should be totally enjoyable and relevant to my interests. I need more of the context though I think. Let's see what I feel after finishing the next installment.

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