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Works of fiction that incorporate footnotes or endnotes into the storytelling structure

  1. Pale fire by 

    5 stars

    A 999 line poem in heroic couplets, divided into 4 cantos, was composed--according to Nabokov's fiction--by John Francis Shade, an …

  2. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by 

    4 stars

    Published in 2004, it is an alternative history set in 19th-century England around the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Its …

  3. The breath of the sun by 

    5 stars

    Lamat Paed understands paradoxes. She's a great mountain climber who's never summited, the author of a tell-all that didn't really …

  4. Infinite Jest by 

    4 stars

    Set in an addicts' hallway house and a tennis academy, and featuring one of the moste endearing screwed-up families in …

  5. Good Omens by ,

    4 stars

    Unabridged Duration: 12:33:13 (in 10 parts) Format: WMA, MP3

  6. Confessions of the Fox by 

    No rating

    Set in the eighteenth century London underworld, this bawdy, genre-bending novel reimagines the life of thief and jailbreaker Jack Sheppard …

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