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Activist, animist, and occasional author. Working with words that liberate the soul and free the mind.

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Laurie Halse Anderson: Speak (Hardcover, 2019, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)) 4 stars

"Speak up for yourself―we want to know what you have to say."

From the first …

Review of 'Speak' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

An astonishing and moving look inside a person in pain. The author isn't shy about what it's about -- a rape at 13, at a summer party where one of the seniors decided she was the 'pretty one' that he wanted. And her attempt to call the cops -- an automatic response born by the media begging people to speak out -- led to a year of ostracization, agony and silence. The prose in this graphic novel is sparse and true to the internal struggle that is hollowing the protaganist out. The art is a sharp relief that highlights the realities of school and its hidden edges. As a father, I found I couldn't put the book down until it finally released me, in tears, at the end.

Caitlin Starling: The Luminous Dead (2019, Harper Voyager) 4 stars

A thrilling, atmospheric debut with the intensive drive of The Martian and Gravity and the …

Review of 'The Luminous Dead' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

It's Bram Stoker time over at the Horror Writer's Association. Which means a flood of books to consider as contenders for "The Best of the Year." This particular book from the list stood out to me, so... I figured I'd talk about it.

"The Luminous Dead" is the debut novel from Caitlin Starling. The setting is simple: a series of caves that the protagonist, Gyre, has to explore on behalf of her employer, a mining conglomerate. Her task is pretty much to re-supply a bunch of "camps" already set up in this cave from previous expeditions and to establish a final camp. The author also provides a helpful map for the reader in the front .

Tiny problem. This is Gyre's first official expedition. In addition, Gyre lied regarding her experience to get the job.

Tiny other problem. Her employer also lied.

The narrative caught me straight up. We first …