Breasts and Eggs

hardcover, 448 pages

Published April 7, 2020 by Europa Editions.


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4 stars (3 reviews)

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Boiling women down to the parts

4 stars

Content warning Gender essentialism? A bit of possible transphobia

reviewed Breasts and Eggs by David Boyd

Kawakami stan.

5 stars

What a beautiful book. I was scared by the reviews calling it a "feminist novel" but it was not what I was expecting. Whenever I read someone describing something as "feminist", I brace myself for something superficial, something that can only be envisioned in the realm of white feminism. This was not it. Granted, I have just recently started reading modern literature and this was my first real taste of Japanese literature, but this book felt like nothing I have ever read before. I have never read a book about women so profound and raw. I am enamoured with Mieko Kawakami writing and persona. I am already planning a reread (what have I become?).

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4 stars