Visions of treachery , #5

Mass Market Paperback, 512 pages

English language

Published July 30, 2007 by Games Workshop.

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3 stars (13 reviews)

Under the command of the newly appointed Warmaster Horus, the Great Crusade continues. Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children, leads his warriors into battle against a vile alien foe, unaware of the darker forces that have already set their sights upon the Imperium of Man. Loyalties are tested, and every murderous whim indulged as the Emperor's Children take their first steps down the road to true corruption - a road that will ultimately lead them to the killing fields of Isstvan V...

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reviewed Fulgrim by Graham McNeill (The Horus Heresy, #5)

Review of 'Fulgrim' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Good read! Admittedly Graham McNeill can be a mixed bag. I generally like him though.

Fulgrim’s downfall was much better written than Horus’ and is far more tragic. The characters in this book were a little same-y and of course I wish there was more Tarvitz, but the descriptions of the Slaanesh corruption were top notch. My biggest complaint is that there were a couple references to gender essentialism in some of the remembrancer sections, which were pretty eye-rolling, even if you’re not into gender theory.

This is probably a three-star bumped up to a four because I love Slaanesh stuff.

reviewed Fulgrim by Graham McNeill (The Horus Heresy, #5)

Not as bad as Angel Exterminatus, so two stars!

2 stars

One of the worst depictions of Fulgrim and the Emperor's Children. Written very black and white and with palpable contempt for the protagonists. I don't know why Graham McNeill is writing any Emperor's Children-content. My best guess is he has some dirt on Nick Kyme and is blackmailing him. But that isn't explaining why he wants to write a Legion and a Primarch he so obviously despises? It's a mystery.

If you want to get a real glimpse in the minds of the Third Legion, I strongly recommend Josh Reynolds' "Fulgrim - the Palatine Phoenix"-novel (yes, same name). And to get a feeling for the fall of the Legion, read Chris Wraight's "The Path of Heaven" and Nick Kyme's "Imperfect".

reviewed Fulgrim by Graham McNeill (The Horus Heresy, #5)

Review of 'Fulgrim (The Horus Heresy)' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

The fall of Fulgrim, the Primarch of the Emperor's Children legion, is tragic and quite dramatic. It is a descent into madness driven by dark forces for a figure that was brilliant and good for starters. And like a good tragedy, you know that there is no stopping the fates once they get going.

Fulgrim is the Primarch of the Emperor's Children, one of the legions of the Emperor of Mankind fighting in the Great Crusade to unify the worlds of men. The Emperor's Children pride themselves in their pursuit of perfection. Unlike other legions, they seek the best and most perfect way to go into combat. They are also haughty and proud. We have met some of their members in previous novels. We met Lucius, the skilled but arrogant swordsman that, in my case, I keep waiting to see him get what is coming to him. Saul Tarvitz, the …

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