The blind assassin

Paperback, 659 pages

English language

Published July 14, 2000 by Seal Books.

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4 stars (7 reviews)

More than fifty years on, Iris Chase is remembering Laura's mysterious death. And so begins an extraordinary and compelling story of two sisters and their secrets. Set against a panoramic backdrop of twentieth-century history, The Blind Assassin is an epic tale of memory, intrigue and betrayal...

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600 pages

5 stars

Wow, i didn't notice that it took me a while to read it. Well, blame it on some stressful deadlines and on the fact that it's made of 600 pages, I guess because I loved it. I wouldn't say I didn't have expectations, but my expectations were few and kind of low, since Atwood has become so famous in the past few years (yes, I'm a snob or a hipster). I don't have the time or the spirit to write a long and cool review, so I'm just gonna say:

  • good plot;
  • great writing!

Won't read The Handmaid Tales. Maybe.