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John Scalzi: The collapsing empire (2018) 4 stars

The Collapsing Empire is a space opera novel by American writer John Scalzi. The book …

Foundation-esque Scalzi Space Opera

4 stars

Like Asimov's Foundation, the premise of the novel (or rather, series of novels) is that a vast, galaxy-spanning empire is on the verge of collapse. In this case, the collapse is largely due to the imminent disappearance of an astrophysical phenomenon which allows travel between star systems. Since settlements in individual systems are overly dependent on each other to survive, the fate of humanity is not looking great. This interdependence is codified as a moral and religious virtue in the empire, which, by the way, is literally called "The Interdependency." In this sense, the real danger to humanity seems to stem from imperial arrogance and mismanagement a la Gibbon's "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," so the genetic link to Foundation seems real.

Unlike Foundation, however, the characters can say "fuck" as often as they want. So there's that.

While "collapsing galactic empire" is a …