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Published by New York, NY : Topside Press,.


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5 stars (4 reviews)

Frustrated by her current relationship, trans lesbian Maria Griffiths decides to change her life by making some brash decisions and leaving New York behind on a road trip to reconsider her life and priorities.

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Review of 'Nevada' on 'Storygraph'

4 stars

The opening scene of Nevada had me worried this wasn’t going to be my type of book, but first impressions aren’t always accurate. This was a very different kind of novel for me, one that stretched me as a reader.

I loved Maria’s snarky, apathetic tone and her dark humor. She shines a light on a lot of things that trans people have to worry about, stuff that seems minor or tedious to cis people, but are actually pretty demeaning. Maria is who she is, and you can’t help but have empathy for her and learn in a very natural way.

"Pretty much you have to prove that you’re totally normal and straight and not queer at all, so that if they let you transition you will be a normal het woman who doesn’t freak anybody out, and so we often, as individuals, internalize these things, and then we, as …

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4 stars
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5 stars