Night Shift

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Published by New American Library.

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4 stars (30 reviews)

In places where fear dwells and blood runs cold, sinister forces and unspeakable things are running the NIGHT SHIFT. From the depths of darkness, where hideous rats defend their empire, to dizzying heights where a beautiful girl hangs by a hair above a hellish fate, this chilling collection of twenty short stories will plunge readers into the subterranean labyrinth of the most spine-tingling, eerie imagination of our time. --back cover

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4 stars

1) "'Come, Mrs. Cloris,' I prompted her. 'You've come this far. Now can you finish what you've begun?'
The strangest expression of terror, pique, and---I would swear to it---religious awe passed over her face. 'Some die not,' she whispered. 'Some live in the twilight shadows Between to serve--Him!'"

2) "So here we were, with the whole human race wiped out, not by atomic weapons or bio-warfare or pollution or anything grand like that. Just the flu. I'd like to put down a huge plaque somewhere, in the Bonneville Salt Flats maybe. Bronze Square. Three miles on a side. And in big raised letters it would say, for the benefit of any landing aliens: JUST THE FLU."

3) "Harold stood helplessly aside and the lawnmower man tromped ahead of him down the hall, through the living room and kitchen, and onto the back porch. Now Harold had placed the man โ€ฆ