(Arden Shakespeare)

Othello (Paperback, 1997, Thomas Nelson and Sons)

Paperback, 442 pages

English language

Published Jan. 4, 1997 by Thomas Nelson and Sons.


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In a period of ten years, Shakespeare wrote a series of tragedies that established him, by universal consent, in the front rank of the world's dramatists. Critics have praised either "Hamlet" or "King Lear" as the greatest of these; Ernst Honigmann, in the most significant edition of the play for a generation, asks: why not "Othello"? The third of the mature tragedies, it contains, as Honigmann persuasively demonstrates, perhaps the best plot, two of Shakespeare's most original characters, the most powerful scene in any of the plays, and poetry second to none. Honigmann's cogent and closely argued introduction outlines the reasons both for a reluctance to recognize the greatness of "Othello" and for the case against the play.

This edition sheds new light on the text of the play as we have come to know it, and on our knowledge of its early history. Honigmann examines the thematic portrayal of …

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By all accounts Ian Gibson has taken apart a legacy of secrecy of which the revelation of its known identity must be sourced only in diary entries, historical records, authored artefacts, and limited correspondance and study, to have a crack at piecing together a case for the authorship of My Secret Life (A whopping 4,200 pages worth of debauchery) attributed to Henry Spencer Ashbee. Henry Spencer Ashbee was a wealthy Victorian business man who publicly was known as a scholar of Cervantes, travel writer and a bibliophile. His private life consisted of amassing an enormous collection of 'obscene' literature and penning three exhaustive bibliographies under the pseudonym Pisanus Fraxi on banned and erotic/lewd books from around the world. Part One of The Erotomaniac sets up the inquisition of Part Two, which is vitally important. A thorough examination of Ashbee's diaries, acquaintances (Fellow bibliophiles, authors, publishers), friends, family (Particularly his son), …
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