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A revolutionary Marxist Leninist that seems to add two books to the stack for every one book I take off...

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Dialectical and Historical Materialism (Paperback, 2021, SAI Press) 5 stars

The Cliff's Notes of Dialectical and Historical Materialism

5 stars

Surprisingly accessible introduction both to the epistemology of dialectical materialism, and to the theory of history and society found in historical materialism. Not as dated as I expected. I found only the "third feature of production" to be suspect, in a portion of its claim at least. Namely, that:

"the rise of new productive forces and of the relations of production corresponding to them... takes place not as a result of the deliberate and conscious activity of man, but spontaneously, unconsciously, independently of the will of man. do not realize, do not understand or stop to reflect what social results these improvements [to instruments of production] will lead to, but only think of their everyday interests, of lightening their labor and of securing some direct and tangible advantage for themselves. ... Their conscious activity did not extend beyond the commonplace, strictly practical interests."

Human beings often reflect on the …

The Principles of Communism (Paperback, 2019, XHGLC Publicaciones Editoriales) 3 stars

The Rough Draft of the Manifesto

3 stars

The Principles of Communism served as a rough draft for The Communist Manifesto, and it has its rough edges. In particular, it is exceedingly optimistic (dare I say idealistic) and assured of the coupling between technical and process improvements in industry and a future completely lacking of needs and satiated of wants.

Reading with the benefit of nearly two centuries of hindsight, it's clear --and understandable-- that ecological concerns and the spectre of imperialism weren't on the radar at the time of writing.